October 2nd, 2008

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Together they fight crime!

From coneycat, the Crime Fighting Duos generator.

For example:

He's a short-sighted day-dreaming hairdresser haunted by an iconic dead American confidante She's a supernatural gypsy widow living homeless in New York's sewers. They fight crime!

He's a scarfaced pirate card sharp for the 21st century. She's a green-fingered thirtysomething vampire descended from a line of powerful witches. They fight crime!

Have fun!
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Events conspire in my favour for a change

I think the universe has finally called my bluff with regards to writing. For many years I've struggled to fit writing in around Life and Everything, somehow managing to complete 3 novels and a handful of short stories[1].

More recently I've become frustrated and rather disillusioned. I did complete a round of novel_in_90 about 18 months ago, during which time I added a chunk of words to a novel that I've been wrestling with for years. It's still not finished though.

Since then I've fiddled with a couple of things but not had the time or the energy to make serious progress. And now... I've just started an online creative writing course and I'm about to be made redundant! In theory, I should have far more time to write. So, I can't pass up this opportunity to join novel_in_90 for another round.

I missed the first day because the start of a new round took me by surprise, but I the day off today and have prepared a new spreadsheet this morning. Word count here I come!

[1] The novels never sold, 3 of the short stories did but it's been years since I even submitted anything.
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Writing progress - Novel in 90

Story Title: Dark Mind Waking
Words written today: 1530 (transcribed from sound file)
Words now in Chapter 4: 1530
Words total: 17,007
Reason for stopping: End of sound file
Mean Nice things done to characters: Cai has just been presented with a medal

Having decided to go for it and join the new round of novel_in_90, I finally buckled down and transcribed the sound file I dictated some time ago. I'd let Dragon Naturally Speaking have a go at transcribing it, but parts were missing (too much background noise perhaps?) and some (inevitably!) comes out as gibberish, so it all needs going over properly.

One more file to go, so that will kick-start the writing. Hopefully by then I'll be back into the flow.
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Not too late to join!

Just a quick plug for novel_in_90. If you've ever been tempted to do NaNoWriMo but just knew that you'd never manage 1750 words per day, this might be the challenge for you.

The purpose of this community is to help the members complete a novel-length manuscript in a reasonable time, under real-life conditions. It doesn't matter if you work on a project you've already started. It doesn't matter if you start something new.

The goal is, every day for 90 days, you write three manuscript pages of your work in progress. 750 words. A reasonable rate of progress for a professional writer.

A new round started on 1 October, but people now seem to join as and when they can and do the 90 days from whenever they start. Everyone is very supportive. If you're working on a novel and feeling in need of encouragement, why not give it a try?

Group not guaranteed to suit everyone. Mocking now optional. Terms and conditions can be adjusted to suit individual circumstances.
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