November 3rd, 2008

View from study (sunny)

Trying to learn a new song

Today I chucked out the junk that had accumulated in the conservatory and attacked some of the mildew around the windows. Growing tomatoes was lots of fun, but it has resulted in rather more damp than is good. It will probably take several more days before the conservatory is all clean and tidy, but it's not as if I'm going to be distracted by work! Still not sure what I feel about this redundancy business. If I can get my thoughts straight, I will write more.

Today I kept getting, "I'm back in work tomorrow feelings," followed by mingled relief and disappointment that in fact I won't be. (Last week was half-term, so I'd have been off work anyway. Tomorrow is when I would have gone back in, so it's only when I don't go to work tomorrow that I'll be doing anything different to normal.)

I also ate too many Maltesers. (Bought in case any kids came round on Halloween, but they didn't, so they were sitting there tempting me.)

This evening I have watched an episode of Merlin in the BBC's iPlayer. I should have time to watch another before G comes back from teaching an evening class. Then I'll be almost caught up. I'm still finding it fun. The CGI griffin wasn't bad either and as jemck says, Merlin passes the knitted chain mail test. :)

Oh, the new song...

The other day there was this fascinating programme on Radio 4 about the Vietnam war. Full programme available here via the iPlayer.

One of the songs lodged in my brain and tempted me to learn it. "Rain on the leaves" is gentle and lyrical and would suit my voice. As I couldn't find the words anywhere on the Web, I've transcribed them from the recording on the BBC web page. Also, in case that page should disappear, I've recorded it using my little digital recorder. The quality is crap, but it will be good enough to learn the tune and work out the accompanying chords.

It's years since I learned a new song, mostly due to lack of time alone in the house so I don't feel embarrassed/annoy G by singing the same thing over and over again -- badly!
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