November 23rd, 2008

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All my icons are my own again!

The blue sky icon was resolutely remaining as a young bride and groom kissing, so I have deleted the interloper and re-uploaded my nice cheerful blue sky, which I'm using here, even though it's totally inappropriate for today as it's cloudy and very windy.
View from study (sunny)

First or third?

The OU creative writing course is doing exactly what I wanted it to do. I'm writing again and becoming more critical but in a helpful way, not just the, "Oh, God this is crap, why do I bother?" way. Perhaps I should have said analytical rather than critical?

Anyway, we had to write a couple of pieces from the POV of someone totally unlike ourself, so (not wanting to start yet more stories) I thought of Mark who is male, 25 years old, blond, blue eyed, 6 foot tall and fit and athletic. Also far more physically courageous than I ever was or will be.

I am now considering shifting A Necessary Evil into first. What do you think? The extracts are behind the cut. Collapse )

In all its many incarnations, it's always been third person, but I am now tempted by first. It might be fun to try and this novel is likely to be unsaleable due to it being a terribly overused trope, but I would like to finish it, even if it only ends up on the Web.

Writing progress and a bit of exercise

I've been forgetting to post writing progress. I wrote 579 words on Friday, 469
on Saturday and 1102 words today. The words were all related to the creative writing course I'm doing at the moment, some exercises, a rough outline (or at least the ideas) for the short story I want to write for the next assignment and an experiment with first person, for which I used a couple of chunks from A Necessary Evil.

The course is helpful though if for no other reason than it's giving me a series of deadlines to make me actually do some writing instead of just thinking about it.

In other news, I also managed some exercise today. By some miracle, I managed to slip out in the brief lull between the horizontal rain, hailstorm (with stupendous flash of lightning and clap of thunder) and the really strong torrential downpour with gale force winds.

Further to my earlier post about possibly switching A Necessary Evil into first person, on reflection I think I'll keep it in third. Huw does get POV and while I feel comfortable reading books that switch between viewpoints when they're in third, switching from one first person viewpoint to another always seems more of a jolt. I suppose it's because in third you have the narrative which, whilst it may take on the flavour of the character's voice, still retains a measure of detachment. In first you're fully immersed in one voice and then have to switch to the other. Also there are some scenes where I think I do need to pull back a little or they would be too gruelling for the reader.

Not to mention the fact that the second volume is already written in third.

And the third volume will have 3 POV characters, which could get wearing in first person.

But it was an interesting experiment.
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