December 15th, 2008

blue moon

6/365 Frosty moon

Frosty moon
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales
The moon was at perigee on Saturday night. I didn't really think it was worth trying to get a shot with the telephoto lens because I was sure people with much better equipment would be out there doing a better job than I could.

But this is the moon glimpsed through our neighbour's tree.

PS The rules of the 365 group I've joined don't insist that you post a photo each day. As long as the shot was taken on the correct day, they can be posted in a batch to allow for people being away from the computer, techincal glitches etc. In my case, our son was home on a flying visit to see us. On Saturday I took him up to see my Dad, who is doing well and still very mentally with it. In fact he's started reading philosophy again and has decided that he is a hedonist. :)
blue moon

7/365 Full moon at dawn

Full moon at dawn
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales
Although this was taken at dawn, it wasn't exactly early in the morning, but of course dawn comes late at this time of year in the UK (which is further north than most Americans probably realise).

The weather seems to be wobbling around the freezing point at the moment, sometimes just being at or below (which gives us white frost) and sometimes rising a few degrees above. It feels relatively mild when it reaches 7 deg C. And yes, I know the USians will scoff at us thinking that 0 deg C (32 deg F) is cold! :)