December 19th, 2008


Writing progress

Thank goodness there was actually some this morning, 1291 words to be precise.

I do have a deadline for this story, so I should finish it (deadlines are always motivating!), but I want to write it well and it's about the hardest thing I've attempted. I am still not sure whether I can make this work.

Basically I'm trying to write an iceberg, ie nine tenths of the story needs to remain submerged. If I explain too much, it will become dull and lose all its mysticalness. If I don't explain enough, it will just make the reader go, "Huh?"

At least it looks like it will end up the right length. It has to be between 2090 and 2310. At the moment the first draft should come in at about 2500-2600, at which point I have to sweat it down to within the limit.
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