December 24th, 2008

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Tea problem solved

Thanks to mjlayman's suggestion that I Google for Russian Caravan tea suppliers, I have solved the problem of access to supplies of my favourite tea. I couldn't immediately spot a stockist of Russian Caravan that was within easy travelling distance and I feel paying postage on tea is going a bit far, however, the Googling revealed that Russian Caravan is actually a blend and now I now know what's in it, I should be able to blend my own.

One site said it's Lapsang Souchong + Assam, another said Lapsang Souchong + Keemun. The common factor is definitely Lapsang Souchong and a bit of experimenting should allow me to find a suitable additional tea. All the suggested ingredient teas are easily come by locally, so I think my problem is solved.
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Brief write up of the London trip

We travelled down by train and as the place we were staying, namely Passfield Hall (hall of residence belonging to the LSE) was only 5-10 minutes walk from Euston, the journey was very easy After checking in and leaving our luggage, we went on the first of our walks around the centre of London.

G (with the aid of the street maps torn our of our road atlas) led us via Russell Square and Drury Lane to Covent Garden and the Thames where there was a Christmas fair beside the river, finishing up by the Tate Modern. There were stalls selling gifts and food and the trees were lit up with pretty blue and white lights.

Walking was to be the theme of the short break; my legs reckon that we must have walked 7-8 miles a day, but it's certainly the best way to see the city because you keep finding yourself passing some famous building or other. Also a good way to lose weight. I can now tighten my belt another hole and the jeans finally zip up properly! Collapse )

We only arrived home yesterday, but already what we did on which day has become a rather confused blur, partly due to visiting some places twice (like Covent Garden and the Christmas fair) and partly due to the rapid criss-crossing of the city.

I took over 200 photos, most of which are just snapshots, but I'll see if I can sort out some of the best to post.

Other random memories: seeing the feral parakeets in Hyde Park, seeing cormorants on the Thames (I'm sure they weren't there 30 years ago!), walking entirely round the Albert Memorial (which is all shiny and clean) and photographing it from every angle, watching the man up a ladder in a kilt in Covent Garden at the place where the first Punch and Judy shows were performed from the portico of St Paul's church.

And now it's time for bed. I'll process photos tomorrow in between cooking Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas to all my LJ friends out there!

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