January 1st, 2009


The start of another year

I've probably mentioned this before, but the 1st of January never feels like a new start to me. I don't do resolutions and, partly for historical reasons and partly because it just seems more appropriate, I review my personal goals around April, at a time of year when I feel more lively.

But to those of you who celebrate New Year, I hope you had a good time last night and that 2009 will have more of the good stuff in it and less of the bad.

Actually my own 2008 was mostly fine, a quietish but satisfactory year -- up until near the end when I was made redundant, but that wasn't a disaster and I have some possibilities for more teaching in the near future.

Losing my job did affect me more than I expected, however, and I need to put more effort into finding a new sense of direction. To that end I'm reading a couple of non-fiction books, one a self-help, the other more a long reflection. When I've finished them, I may write about them here, but don't hold your breath, I have 4 assignments to write and a creative writing course to plan over the next few days!

Oh, and having said that I don't do resolutions, I might just pinch these from cariadwen:

I resolve to have more excitement, more fun and to visit new places and make new friends. I aim to be bold and adventurous and spread my wings as much as possible according to my true Gemini nature.

I shall stay at least one night under canvas.

Laugh at myself and at life more often

And lastly stop talking and walking like an old lady, as I've been doing in the last year. And be as childlike as I am by nature without being childish.