May 6th, 2009

View from study (sunny)

Eowyn Challenge -- progress

I haven't done one of these for a long time, but I am still logging my mileage. It looks like I will arrive in Lothlorien around my birthday, sooner if I get the bike tyres pumped up and start cycling again.

Walking to Lothlorien

Miles travelled today: 1
Miles travelled so far: 411 (869 from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 51
Percentage complete: 89%

Point reached on journey: A few miles back, we crossed the Silverlode on ropes. The Fellowship is now blindfolded as we are led along smooth paths. We can smells the trees and grass.

Where I really went...

Just a quick walk around Ruthin in search of a tweed jacket for G. It was a case of third time lucky. I'd already tried to go to the shop in Porthmadog where he got the last one, only to discover it had closed at some point in the intervening years. I'd tried ordering off the Internet, but then was emailed to say that the jacket he wanted was out of stock. G hasn't seen it yet because he's working late tonight, but it's very like his current one, so should be OK. (Indeed it is! G has just arrived home and tried it on and he's delighted with it.)

Here's a picture of the church in Ruthin taken from the short-stay car park.

Ruthin Church