June 14th, 2009

View from study (sunny)

I should probably go and mow the grass while it's dry

There was an Oh, noes! moment first thing this morning when I discovered that the Internet wasn't there. Yesterday we'd been totally rearranging G's room, so my first thought was that we'd disturbed the modem and/or cabling. So I switched the broadband modem off and on again, pushed at all the connectors, checked the phone line and rebooted my PC. Still nothing. Running the diagnostics revealed that everything seemed to be OK at our end, but the LAN was failing to get any response out of the WAN. Demon was not responding. Phoning Demon's helpdesk gave us a recorded message saying that they were aware that many of their broadband customers were unable to connect and they were dealing with the problem. After a while, the basic diagnostics said the connection was back up, but it only took us to an error page from BT about a problem with the wholesale broadband lines. Some time after that the little red crosses on the diagnostics page turned to happy red ticks, and we were online again. Whew!

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The room still needs an awful lot doing to it, but it's now stuff I can do, a bit at a time, so I'm happy.
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