July 20th, 2009

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The state of the house

Just a quick de-cluttering/house makeover update.

I have been at this some years now. There was a cognitive breakthrough when I realised that I didn't have to get the place perfect first time and I started thinking in terms of "drafts", as in writing a novel.

Well, I'd say I'm coming to the end of the second draft. The biggest job (the new bathroom) was completed last year, G rearranged his study the other week, so apart from having some double-glazing installed the rest is just going to be superficial tidying, cleaning and keeping up with the redecoration.

In order to make the spare room ready for our son and his wife to stay the other weekend, I moved all the stray clutter into my study (mostly files, folders and papers) -- which means that all the rest of the house is now reasonably tidy and I have one very small, very messy room to sort out.

So, as long as I can keep routine tidying and cleaning going in the rest of the house the end of the second draft is in sight!

Just don't mention the garage or the garden. Those are my next big projects and will take some time...
View from study (sunny)


Today I had half a dozen tiny wild strawberries from the garden at breakfast time and today on the bike ride, I remembered to stop for the wild raspberries. Sadly someone else must have spotted the ones I saw a couple of days ago, but I still picked and ate 3. :)

I feel well-exercised. I am 8 miles nearer to Rauros Falls now, having repeated the ride down the old railway line, this time on the bike. It really is tons easier than the kickbike, but therefore isn't making me as fit. However, the variety is fun. Perhaps a walk tomorrow?

I also tackled some of the garden. I cut down the shrubby things that still pop up around the shed and compost bin, even though we've been cutting them right back to the ground for God knows how many years. And I cut down some of the waist high grass and weeds at the bottom of the garden.

One of the pheasants might be nesting down in the woods beyond the garden. I went to dump the branches and weeds onto our neighbour's landfill project on the extra land that she bought beyond her original garden and a female pheasant suddenly jumped up out of the long grass and hissed at me! She didn't run or fly away, but seemed to be trying to lure me away, so I didn't intrude further and dumped the branches beyond the bottom of my own garden instead. I hope we do have baby pheasants, that would be cute.

For those who still aren't familiar with the concept of a kickbike, here are some photos from a footbike race in the Czech Republic. (Kickbike is the brand name, the thing is what I would call a scooter aka (it seems) a footbike.) Photos are here. If you click on one and then click the little black arrow button, it will run a slide show.
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