July 25th, 2009

View from study (sunny)

I need to be more focused

I think the time has come to settle down to some of my projects. I've should have had enough time to get over the mental exhaustion caused by the humungous heap of deadlines and I need to buckle down and start writing again. I need to be more serious about the photography too. Recently I've only taken my camera out if I wanted to shoot pictures of George the toy monkey for the Flickr group. But as George set off on Thursday for Yorkshire, I won't even have him to spur me on to take pictures.

At least I'm doing better at exercising. I have done a decent mileage for three days running now: kickbike on Thursday (4.75 miles), cycle on Friday (4 miles), walk today (4.5 miles). And the cycling and kickbiking was not just down the old railway, so it involved hills! I am still not losing weight, though I must be getting stronger and fitter.

In lieu of more interesting content, I have been playing with my YouTube account. Here are a couple of videos taken with my phone. First one from Thursday's kickbike ride:

This was at the highest point where I stopped for a moment to admire the view.

And this one is from today's walk:

I need to experiment with the Canon PowerShot. That takes much better videos.

Finally, some proper photos. Here are a couple of train photos from Wednesday.

Welsh Highland Railway

Welsh Highland Railway Engine K1
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