August 20th, 2009

View from study (sunny)

What I did on my holidays (London trip -- Day 2 morning)

This is what we did on the morning of Day 2 of our short break in London. (Tuesday 11 August)

We had decided to go on the London Walks® "Secret London" walk. Of course G won't actually sit and wait for anything to start, so we went on a pre-walk walk!

The actual guided walk began at Chancery Lane tube station and led to many interesting places, not all of which I managed to photograph and not all of the photos I took are fit to be posted, so just think of this as a taster of what we saw. I also realise now that I should have taken notes, because I can only remember a fraction of what the guide told us.

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Samuel Johnson lived in the house at the other end of the square and worked on his dictionary in the attic. This statue is in memory of his cat, Hodge, for whom he used to go out and buy oysters.

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