September 18th, 2009

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Writing progress

Story Title: A Necessary Evil
Words written today: 275
Words now in Chapter 9: 8,637
Words total: 87,275
Reason for stopping: Needed to take advantage of the fine weather and do a bit of gardening.
Mean things done to characters: Lots! Huw has just seen someone burned to death by the bad guy and now his fiancée has just told him she's marrying someone else.

Chapter 9, now standing at 8,637 words with a short funeral scene still to be added, desperately needs splitting into two. And then of course all the later chapters will need renumbering. Ho, hum...

Otherwise I'm starting to get back into the story. I haven't actually rejoined novel_in_90 because I'm not writing enough words. However, I am writing enough to finish the draft by mid-December, so I may just go it alone this time.

There was a bit more writing than the 275 words implies because I was also editing for mood. I discovered I had two versions of part of a scene, so I was splicing them together. One was fairly upbeat, the other definitely not, so the upbeat parts needed a light edit to bring the mood in line with the rest.

Time to cook dinner now. Our neighbour had been given a tray of peaches and she couldn't use them all, so she offered the remainder to me. Quite a few were going squishy and/or mouldy, but I have salvaged the best and will be making a peach crumble. :)