September 26th, 2009

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Quick catch up post

All my courses are getting under way, or will be starting soon. This week was the first lesson of the Welsh classes and the BA Education course. We actually all went in last week to enrol on the BE Ed and choose our modules for this year, but this week was the first of the proper sessions. Both look very interesting: Social Psychology of the Learning Environment is all about things like students' motivation and how to improve it, Culture, Language and Identity is exactly what you would expect it to be about. :) I must admit that starting right at the beginning of the course, along with everyone else, makes life a lot easier. (Last year at this time I was just on the point of being made redundant and hadn't even thought of doing the course, so by the time I joined the class, everything was well under way.)

Regarding the Welsh, I've signed up for two classes this year in an attempt to give learning Welsh priority. Will this be the year I finally make the leap from "reasonably fluent learner" to being an actual confident Welsh speaker?

The other course that's about to start is the Advanced Creative Writing. I have actually done the first couple of activities because I've learned over the years of doing Open University courses that I need to get ahead at the start, even if only a little way. I invariably slip behind later on. This year I will be learning to write scripts as well as continuing with fiction and poetry.

I will not only be busy with courses. All being well, I should get my creative writing students in a few weeks and then they will need a lot of my time and attention. Not only that, I want to do some tidying in the garden before the weather turns nasty and there are various household tasks that have been put off for too long. Put all this together and it means that a busy period looms. As a result, I'm having to limit time spent on the Interwebs. So don't worry if I seem rather quieter than usual. I may actually still be posting because I like to record what I'm up to for my own reference if nothing else and I'll try to keep up with my friends list, but I may be commenting less. Sorry.
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