September 27th, 2009

View from study (sunny)

Cycle trails and meeting an old friend

Our son and his wife stayed over last night because they were going to another wedding. (All their friends seem to have reached that point in life where they're starting to commit and settle down!) However, they turned up here after midnight, so I didn't seem them until this morning. The wedding went well and they had an enjoyable time.

This morning, after a leisurely start and some catching up on news, M and M and I went to the mountain bike centre in the Coed y Brenin. Our son M actually helped build some of the very first trails while he was on work experience from school and he rode the tracks on his mountain bike with his friends, but it's grown and developed amazingly since those early days. They've built a brand new cafe, so we thought we'd go and see what the place looked like these days.

To our surprise, in the centre's shop we met H, a woman I hadn't seen for ages. She and her husband took over from us as wardens of Kings Youth Hostel, though later they moved on to other things. For some years the husband had a bike shop in town and also used to cycle round the forest. (Which is how M knows him.) He's now a builder and H manages the mountain bike centre. M and I did the rapid catching up with news thing again with H, before we went to have a snack in the cafe while she went off to sort out a malfunctioning ticket machine in the car park.

The trails are all beautifully signposted and though there are some horrendously difficult bike trails in the forest, there is also at least one nice gentle one. I must try putting the bike or scooter on the cycle rack and driving up there some time. The old railway is very nice, but even the most beautiful trails get boring after a while. Besides, some hills would be good for the fitness levels!

M and M headed off home after lunch as they are both in work tomorrow. I caught up with LJ, did a quick shop in the Co-op, cooked and early dinner and I'm now ready to relax and watch TV for a bit.
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