October 5th, 2009

Bedtime reading

Oooh, that is so sneaky! :)

For those on my friends list who buy their books online, The Book Depositor is undercutting Amazon by 1p on every book I looked at just now (so I assume it goes right across the board). However, the clincher was that the Book Depository was 50p cheaper on Understanding Novels, so I placed my order with them. I suspect that all this competitive pricing is not good for writers, but I've always got good service from The Book Depository and as I earn an awful lot less than I did before I was made redundant, even a 53p saving is worth having.

I am of course not really buying books. Oh, no. I still have a huge To Read pile, so buying books would be silly, wouldn't it? However, I've just been reading the study guide for the Advanced Creative Writing Course and it says we should have a good book on grammar and punctuation on our reference shelves and it recommended The Student's Guide to Writing: Grammar, punctuation and spelling by John Peck and Martin Coyle. While I was ordering, I thought I'd also buy Understanding Novels by Thomas C. Foster, which is not a book for writers, but it looks as though it could be rather useful, especially as many of my fellow students on the third level Advanced Creative Writing course will have been doing the literature courses, which I carefully avoided throughout my degree. I'm hoping that I will be able to use it as a bluffer's guide to being able to talk about literature without looking a idiot. :)

And then I saw that the new Terry Pratchett is out in a few days time, so I ordered that and then, based on my purchases of the Meade Faulkner books, Amazon recommended The Riddle of the Sands, which is one of those classic novels, often regarded as the first modern thriller.

As the weather becomes more autumnal, I need to settle down to study and work and be much more diligent than I have over the summer. But I need to set aside time for reading. I've been cramming it in at odd moments, but it would be much better to go and read a book for an hour or even watch a TV programme than to sit staring at the computer screen, waiting for someone to write something interesting on LJ or looking to see if there's a new Lolcat yet.
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More Cwmystwyth photos

Here are a few more photos from yesterday, mostly Cwmystwyth, but this one is of the River Rheidol at the point where it flows through a deep gorge.

River Rheidol

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readthisandweep said in a comment to my last post that it was sad the way the buildings had been demolished on health and safety grounds. We were actually talking about this yesterday, especially in relation to the big lead mine at Frongoch, the site of which has now been bulldozed and turned into a timber yard.

On the one hand some people regard the old mine sites as an eyesore and feel they should be obliterated and it is true that some people (a different some people) will wander into mines totally unprepared for the hazards they are going to meet. It's also true that the mines are becoming increasingly dangerous. Even G has become more cautions, knowing that the timber supports have been rotting for further 10 years since we last went down Cwmystwyth. But on the other hand, it was a way of life and a history that is being obliterated, along with the buildings.

There is no easy answer.
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