October 14th, 2009

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Mission accomplished

I think I've already mentioned that we've been without TV since the digital switch-over took me by surprise and happened a week or so before I expected it. Anyway, since then we've been watching the bit of TV that we do watch via the BBC's iPlayer and the ITV equivalent. And I've been meaning to go to a Big Place and buy a TV, but never quite got around to it.

Yes, I know I could have ordered one online, but with a TV, I reckoned that I wanted to compare the picture quality before buying.

I planned to go last week, but didn't. Then I scheduled it for yesterday, but ended up scanning slides all day instead.[*] I then had the bright idea of going to the Currys on the out of town shopping place in Wrexham. I don't normally go to Wrexham for shopping, but by the time I'm in Corwen for my Welsh class, I'm more than half way there. So I printed off a map of the location. It looked easy enough. Normal route to Wrexham, turn onto the A483, come off again at the next junction, go left at the first roundabout and there it should be. As I said, easy.

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[*]And that was something of a palaver to get under way because for ages the computer said it couldn't communicate with the scanner. I tried everything I could think of, starting with the obvious, which was switch everything off, wait for a moment and switch everything back on again. I unplugged the cables and reinserted them umpteen times. I tried a different USB socket in the back of the computer and eventually even tried reinstalling the software. Eventually, after having lunch, I unplugged and reinserted the cables one more time and, for no apparent reason, it decided to work! But then I discovered that I now had an older version of the software.


A quick Google and a search of the folder where I keep downloaded software turned up the newer version, and finally the scanning was under way again. There are times when I hate computers!
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