November 4th, 2009

View from study (sunny)

Little birdies!

The weather is about what you'd expect for November, ie grey with occasional downpours, so not really conducive to photography. I've also been busier this week because I managed to acquire a few sessions of teaching at the local college. As I haven't done much face-to-face teaching for over a year and this was a bigger group than I normally teach, I felt really stressed, but the students turned out to be lovely and I hope I didn't bore them! I've also been busy writing the story for the first TMA of the OU Advanced Creative Writing course.

And then I realised that I hadn't taken a photo this week and I needed one for one of the Flickr groups I belong to.

Fortunately, it stopped raining for a while yesterday afternoon and there was a flock of house sparrows twittering in the honeysuckle that grows in our garden fence. They didn't fly off when I stuck my camera through the conservatory window, so I managed to capture this little chap.

House sparrow -- female

Actually, I think it's a chapess, in other words, I think this is a female. I think this one might be an immature male. Collapse )

Writing progress

New words written today (fiction): plus a few, minus a few
New words written today (non-fiction): 526
Total words in the story: 1554
Reason for stopping: I have almost finished the assignment. All it needs now is a final revision pass.

This morning I drove to the Corwen Welsh class, which means I also wrote a couple of hundred words of Wenglish in the class. Our tutor is determined that we will make the leap from learners to fluent speakers this year and she is experimenting with bringing someone in each lesson for us to interview. The mix of English and Welsh that I have scribbled down needs typing up and turning into proper Welsh before next week.

The afternoon was then spent writing the commentary that has to be handed in with the story. This is where we have to explain the story choices we made and the writing process. I have whittled the 526 words mentioned above down to 440. I still have to get rid of another 90 and then it's done.

Added a few minutes later. It's now within the word limit! Now so save it and back it up, then I'm stopping for today. :)
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