December 12th, 2009


Why does it feel like Sunday?

It's felt like Sunday all day, and I have no idea why. We had our usual Friday evening meal of pizzas last night; I walked into town this morning and picked up the local paper then went for a walk, which are perfectly normal Saturday activities, yet it resolutely feels like Sunday.

It might have something to do with the fact that our son was staying over on a flying visit. I think the last few times he's visited he has arrived on a Saturday because they were coming up to attend weddings of old school friends, but it's very odd being a day adrift.
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Writing progress -- Novel in 90

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Horrible things done to characters: Zanna has just realised that Gerard might have been implicated in the death of her brother.

Other: I have broken the 30K barrier and I'm almost at the half way point!

Explanations are still under way, though if D would just let Gerard talk and stop interrupting him, we might get there faster. :)

novel_in_90 (Zanna and the God-King): new words: 1001

Zanna and the God-King
30,272/ 67,500 (45%)