December 25th, 2009

Christmas bauble

London visit -- Day 4

The final day was spent wandering around the RAF museum in Colindale, North London. It was just a short walk from the Tube and despite yesterday's snow, the trains seemed to be more or less running OK.

The museum is huge, with masses of planes of all eras from the beginning of flight to the present day. To take photographs inside, you had to pay about 6 quid for a permit, so I didn't bother. I preferred to just look at the exhibits and read the informative panels explaining the history of each plane. I liked the way they included the personal history of the machine in the exhibition as well as the overall history of the type of plane.

Spitfire outside the RAF Museum
Christmas bauble

A Christmas walk

I had said I wasn't going to put the computer on today, but we're having our Christmas dinner this evening and it was sunny and comparatively mild around midday, so I went for a walk. Of course I then had to download the photos, didn't I? :)

View near Llanelltyd

Not really snowy enough for a Christmas card, but if you look behind the tree stumps in the foreground, you can see that the moles have been busy in the field. Collapse )

I thought I'd try a black and white conversion for this shot.

Old stone barn near Llanelltyd

I hope you're all having a happy/quiet/peaceful/jolly/restful time over the holiday. (Please delete adjectives that do not apply.)
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