January 29th, 2010


And now...

... one half of the sky is grey and snow is falling, while the other side is blue with fluffy white clouds.
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I am intrigued, very intrigued

As one creative writing course finishes, another gets under way. This means that I'm doing the usual introductions and icebreaker over in the new online forum.

One of my students has just told me he's a "freelance food stylist".


There are people who pay someone to come in and style their food?

A bit of Googling reveals that the answer to that question is, "Yes."

This is not my student, but this is what food stylists do, it seems.

Fancy that! I can't see there being much call for it round here. :)
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Photo-a-day 28/365 Horoscope for the week


I don't actually believe in horoscopes, but I did take notice of this one in the local paper.

I had been about to apply for another part-time job, but this helped me realise that it wasn't the right thing to do. The extra tutoring would have meant more work when I already have work and still wouldn't have helped bridge the gap over the summer when I'm not teaching.

Once I get through the next bunch of marking, I will think about possible self-employment options, which will give me more flexibility.