February 14th, 2010

View from study (sunny)

Yesterday's geology field trip

Yesterday we went up to the Lleyn Peninsula because G was leading a field trip for his geology evening class students. We spend a lot of field trips in the pouring rain, but every so often, we hit the jackpot and yesterday the weather couldn't have been nicer (considering that it's still February!) and if you could get out of the cold breeze, you could feel the heat in the sun.

The geology group

Here is the group gathered around to hear what G has to say about the rocks they're standing on.

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All in all it was an excellent day. The drive up didn't take anything like as long as we expected either. I've not been to the Lleyn Peninsula more than two or three times because it always seemed such an epic journey, but yesterday it took less and one and a half hours to get there and even coming back, tired after walking on the beaches and scrambling over the rocks, the drive didn't seem to take long. I think the difference is that previously we've been in the summer and the narrow lanes get very congested.

We treated ourselves to a Chinese takeaway for dinner to round off a very satisfying day.
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