February 18th, 2010

View from study (sunny)

Waiting for workmen to finish

I'm sitting typing this at the kitchen table on the Eee because the workmen have come to do the cavity wall insulation. All seems to be going well. It turned out that they could manage to do it all from outside, which is a big relief because it meant they didn't have to trample through the house with their big hose, drilling holes in the bedroom walls.

However, while they work, I'm sort of stuck. I can't concentrate on anything complicated so I'm just reading LiveJournal. The birdsong from the garden is overlain by the rumbling noise of cavity wall insulation being squirted into the outside walls, interspersed by drilling as they move to another spot and the scraping and tamping as they fill in the holes afterwards. There is a faint taste of stone dust at the back of my throat, but they're working neatly and not making much mess.

I don't know how much difference it will make to the warmth of the house. Our son and daughter-in-law had their house done and they reckoned it helped a lot. However, our neighbour had hers done previously under a different scheme and she says she hasn't noticed any difference.

I'm hoping it will help keep our bedroom warm. The bedroom has three external walls so probably suffers most from heat loss.

Anyway, it's all free, so as it's not costing us a penny, any saving in fuel or improvement in cosiness will be a benefit.