June 3rd, 2010

View from study (sunny)

Good things today so far

Yesterday didn't start too well. At 5.30 am, I heard G in the bathroom making retching noises. When he returned to bed, I asked the traditional (but rather stupid) question that one always asks in such situations, namely, "Are you all right?" As I knew before I asked, the answer was no. He hadn't actually been sick, but he had a headache and felt queasy. I got up and found a drink of water and an aspirin and went back to sleep to wake up later feeling rather muzzy myself. I was plagued by a not-quite-a-headache for most of the day, but struggled on with the last essay. I didn't manage to get out to take a photo and because I have set myself the theme of "Nature", I felt unable to just do a macro of something indoor. (This is the downside of choosing a theme.)

And then, on a larger scale, it was one of those weird days full of sad and tragic news, when the world feels slightly askew. First there was the WWII bomb that exploded in a German town, killing three people. Another reminder that wars leave a deadly legacy behind, even many years after they are over. And then at lunch time we heard about the shootings in Whitehaven.

The UK has very few incidents where someone runs amok with a gun, but about once every decade, it happens. First there was Hungerford and Dunblane and now Whitehaven has joined the list of quiet little towns which will forever be remembered for an apparently senseless massacre.

Anyway, so far today is looking better, at least chez nous: I woke up without a headache and feeling much perkier; it was sunny and warm enough to eat breakfast outside in the morning sunshine instead of having to use the lightbox; I have already taken my photo for the day (I may take a better one later, but I have this in reserve); and the end of the final BA Education assignment is in sight! Also, when I looked at the assignment this morning, it's not as bad as it seemed yesterday, so should be good enough for a pass.

I have until this afternoon to finish it off, polish it up, print it out and trot round to the college with it to leave it in the tutor's pigeon hole.
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