June 6th, 2010

computer typing

Note to self

Next time, before you waste 20 minutes writing a long complicated email to a student[1] to help her find the right button on the web page so she can resubmit an assignment[2], check to see whether she has actually managed to upload said assignment.


The student in question had sent a panicky and confused email, explaining that she couldn't resubmit because she couldn't see a resubmit button. I had written a calming and detailed reply, only to realise (fortunately before sending the message) that she must have had another go after emailing me and that this time she had been successful.

It would have been nice if she'd then dropped me a quick line to say, "Panic over, all is now well," but she didn't.

[1] Which included a screenshot edited in PhotoShop.

[2] That she had submitted in the wrong format.
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lawn mower

All done before the rain

The first cut of the front grass has been accomplished. I've been so bogged down with deadlines that the garden has been sadly neglected and the grass was getting longer and longer. It was beginning to look like a hayfield.

I was all set to do it yesterday and did manage to tidy the grass by the front door and cleaned out the big plant pots and refilled them with fresh compost, ready for the geraniums I bought, but then G (who is panicking to get everything finished for the moderator coming tomorrow) needed help with sticking the students' posters together. For reasons too complicated to bore you with, he had ended up having to print them out on A4 sheets and then assemble them into an A2 poster. I therefore spent the whole afternoon cutting sheets of printout to fit and sticking them down onto a large sheet of paper.

We have a theory that Cutting Out and Sticking, which one normally learns to do in infant school, is one of the most vital skills you can acquire. Even in these days of computers, it still proves essential at times. :)

Anyway, I didn't get the grass done yesterday and the nice weather looked set to break. Thunderstorms were forecast for south and east of here, but though it was horribly clammy and humid and the sky has been overcast (and is getting darker by the minute), the weather held long enough for me to finish the job.

There's still a massive amount to do, the back garden will need the strimmer and the sickle to get it under control. I am hoping that once I've managed to tame it again, I can keep on top of it. Next year I won't have all these assignment deadlines to cope with, so house and garden can stay much higher up the list of priorities.
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