June 16th, 2010

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Field trip report from last Saturday

What with catching up from a day out on Saturday and then travelling down to Pontypool yesterday and staying overnight in order to get G to his meeting this morning in Caerleon, I've only just got around to posting a few more pictures from the long walk over the mountains.

We met the group in a car park and then walked up the mountain to an old copper mine that I last visited in 1987. Collapse )


It might just be me, but there's something about this picture that reminds me of the Hattifatteners! :) They are not Hattifatteners, they are actually sundew plants living in a little boggy pond up on a mountain. The soil is so acid and lacking in nutrients that the plants have to eat insects to survive. Collapse )

Finally arriving back at the cars, we were promptly attacked by a huge swarm of midges. "Get in the car and shut the door!" G cried. "The midges are coming in!"

"But I need to change out of my boots," I replied. I was sitting on the back seat with the door open so I didn't get mud all over the car. "I can't drive in hiking boots, I end up pressing two pedals at once, which is not good."

G took refuge in the car and after I got my boots off and my trainers on, I didn't bother doing up the laces. I jumped into the driving seat, slammed the doors... and realised we had hundreds of midges in the car with us! "Do you think if I drive fast with the windows down, the midges will be sucked out?" I said as we pulled out of the car park.

Fortunately, this strategy did indeed work and we thus escaped without too many itchy bumps. :)
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Trip to Caerleon

Nothing much to report about the trip to Caerleon. G had a meeting at 9.00 am this morning at the Caerleon campus and as he had had to be in Llandrillo (on the North Wales coast) yesterday for another meeting, it was a bit much to expect him to drive all the way down to the south as well. Wales is a tiny country, but driving 1.5 times its length in one day is rather a lot, seeing as the roads are winding and there are few places where overtaking is possible, so if you get stuck behind a slow vehicle, you are stuck behind it for a long long way.

So once G returned from the first meeting, we drove down in my car and stayed the night in Pontypool, which is convenient for Caerleon. I'd taken the Eee, thinking to get some marking done, but in fact the meeting only took about an hour and a half, so we trundled back home again, just stopping for a sandwich at Builth Wells.

So there was no time to visit the amphitheatre, but I have visited it lots of times now and the countryside was looking particularly lovely in the clear bright sunshine, so even though I didn't do any sightseeing, it made a change from not going anywhere much.

And on the way back G and I ended up speculating about the existence of a Saint Moist. :) Collapse )

Sadly (I know, I shouldn't have checked. Some things are too good to check!) there never was a Saint Moist. It turns out it's an Anglicisation of the original Welsh Llanffwyst. :(
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