July 12th, 2010

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Photo-a-day 188/365 Old station at Penmaenpool


I'm getting a little behind with processing and posting photos. I don't know how anyone who works full-time manages a 365 photo project; I'm finding it hard enough to keep up and I only work part-time and can choose my own hours!

Anyway, I'll try to catch up over the next few days.

The Mawddach trail follows the track of the old railway line that ran between Dolgellau and the coast. The line was a victim of Beeching's axe in the 1960s, and the old station is now an annexe of the George III hotel.
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Today I was too tired to do much

I ached all over this morning after the exertions of yesterday, so I have had a lazy day with regard to physical exertion. I have downloaded the photos from the Lleyn Peninsula trip, but I'm behind with processing my earlier photos, so it will probably be Wednesday before I do the full trip report with pictures.

Otherwise I did make progress with the self-employment idea. I'm hoping to set up a Moodle so I can do some private online teaching. It may be that administering my own Moodle (a VLE or LMS*) is beyond me (in which case I have some alternative ideas to explore), but today I managed to install Xampp for Linux on the laptop. I therefore have an Apache server, MySQL and PHP, though I don't yet know what I'm doing with them. :)

However, my command line skilz are returning and I'm making steady if slow progress.

* Virtual Learning Environment or (the term that is actually more accurate) a Learning Management System.
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