August 13th, 2010

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Phots-a-day 209/365 Painted bridge in Narvik


Parts of Narvik were very industrial and looked quite grim on a grey and drizzly day. (Actually, I don't mind this kind of town. It reminds me of where I grew up!)

I loved the way they had got the local school children to paint a mural on the bridge to make it look more cheerful.

The plume of water in the distance is the "geyser" produced by the hydro-electric power station. I have no idea whether this is a vital part of the functioning of the plant or something they just do because it looks impressive.
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Photo-a-day 210/365 House with turf roof

Turf roof
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales

Difficult to believe that this photo was taken less than 12 hours after the total overcast and drizzle of the last picture, but the weather in the North of Norway seems to change as fast as the weather in Wales.

This house was outside Narvik on the track leading up the mountain to the terminus of the ski lift and cafe.
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Photo-a-day 211/365 Lonely house near the old railway bridge


It was back to grey skies on the day we left Norway. The rain did, however, hold off.

The bridge in the picture is part of the original line from the Kiruna iron mines to Narvik. It was later replaced by the current bridge which is stronger and capable of taking the heavier ore trains.