August 16th, 2010

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Photo-a-day 220/365 North Wales Coast Express


We had left the car at my dad's house while we were on holiday, so on our return, we got the train from Manchester to Prestatyn. As our train passed through a station, we saw a steam train waiting to leave. Guessing that it couldn't be all that far behind us, when we got off at Prestatyn, we waited on the platform and I managed to capture it as it came charging through at top speed.
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Photo-a-day 222/365 Diesel train on the Cambrian Coast line


We actually went to photograph the steam train that runs along this line in the summer. While we were waiting for it to leave Barmouth, this diesel train came the other way.

In the end, I wasn't very satisfied with the pictures of the steam engine because the light was wrong and the engine was going backwards. :(