October 31st, 2010

View from study (sunny)

The Manchester Rambler

Today was another field trip up to the old slate mine at Cwmorthin above Tanygrisiau. We looked at rocks in the morning and after lunch walked up to the mine.

I had decided beforehand that I wasn't going to go down into the dark cold and wet slate mine. I have been in mines often enough before and whilst it definitely isn't a case of seen one, seen 'em all, I have seen enough to satisfy my urge to burrow underground. Instead, I thought I'd go for a walk around the lake.

This turned out to be one of my less bright ideas because the side of the lake I decided to walk along was basically a bog, so there was lots of trying to emulate Legolas by lightly floating over the less than solid surface, but mostly there was floundering though moss and long coarse tufty grass. :)

Having reached the end of the lake, I attempted to cross to the other side of the valley to where there was a nice solid track, but unfortunately there was a small river in the way. If it had been a wide, shallow, rocky river, I might have been able to cross it, but it was a sort of deep cut channel in the bog, too wide to jump.

So I floundered back to the higher ground, ending up with one wet foot in the process, but I then made better progress and reached the ruined house at the end of the valley and thence to the track and a brisk walk back to the car. I then read coneycat's murder mystery on my iPod for half an hour (very enjoyable so far!) until the rest of the group returned from their subterranean jaunt.

They had fun, I had fun, despite the wet foot. I'm too tired for to sort out photos today, but there will be some tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is the song that ever since I was a teenager sums up my feelings about walking in the hills. I was an inner-city kid, but the hills are never far away when you're in Manchester.

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