November 29th, 2010


Photo-a-day 333/365 What is it?

What is it?
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales

When I was a child, I loved those "Guess what it is?" photos which were pictures of familiar objects seen from an unusual angle and/or very close up.

The extreme closeups were the most intriguing because of course in those days I couldn't take such photos myself. Even when I got my first decent camera (a Werra 35mm), it had a fixed lens and you couldn't get closer than about 3 feet.

So nowadays I love the ability to take macro shots of flowers and other objects.

In case anyone was wondering what this is, it's a close up of the foot scrubber I have in my shower. It's shaped like a giant foot and has suckers on one side and soft plastic bristles on the other. You stick it to the wall or floor of the shower and rub your soapy feet on it. I chose it for today's shot because it is a very nice blue.