December 6th, 2010

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Photo-a-day 336/365 Laundry

Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales

This month is probably not going to be as pretty as my colour theme for November and it's going to be a lot more random.

I need to get more laundry done because we're both going away at the weekend. Washing it is not the problem, of course, but it's not so easy getting it dry when the weather is snowy and frosty outside and running the drier fills the kitchen with steam, even though I have got a condensing box thing that you put ice blocks in.

Also I need to wash things that won't go into the dryer. Ah, well! It will get done somehow.
photography camera

Photo-a-day 338/365 Misty view from my study

The reason that Brits can't cope with snow is that it doesn't usually last all that long and you can't predict when it will arrive.

After all the snow we had, most of it melted when the weather turned warmer and it rained. There was a horrible misty day, then it turned considerably warmer for a day or so, then it turned colder again and now we're promised more snow. By the end of the week, the forecast is for temperatures well above freezing.

And of course next winter might be mild and we might not get any snow at all, so how can you plan?
View from study (sunny)

Photo-a-day 339/365 Sospan cafe, Dolgellau


Still playing catch up with the photos. I have been taking one every day, but haven't had time to process and post until today. (And really I should be marking, but I needed a break.)

A spot of warmth and colour on a gloomy Sunday in December.

Y Sospan (The Saucepan), Dolgellau has a cheerful Christmas window and a special Christmas menu.