December 24th, 2010

Christmas bauble

Photo-a-day 354/365 Christmas cards

Christmas cards
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales

I did buy Christmas cards, I just haven't written and posted them yet. Ooops!

A combination of too much marking, a sick husband and too much snow has resulted in total disorganistion here Chez Heleninwales. :(

Mind you, it's not the first time I've written my cards on Christmas day and posted them when the shops reopen after Boxing Day.

Photo-a-day 355/365 Tree at front of our house


Still too much snow for me to want to drive anywhere. I'm walking into town each day, gradually acquiring enough food for Chrismtas, but we're not likely to be eating all that much because due to G returning from his trip to San Francisco with 'flu, he has virtually no appetite. :(

By the way, if you look carefully at the garage door on the bottom left, you can see that it is actually snowing in this shot.