December 30th, 2010

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Photo-a-day 364/365 Penultimate photo of the year


I was at a bit of a loss as to what to photograph for today. The weather is mild, but the landscape is grey and brown and the sky is mostly grey.

Besides, I was stuck indoors marking assignments and waiting in for a package. And then I remembered the dictionary sitting by my elbow (essential for critiquing stories) and the obvious subject came to me. :)

Anyone for a game of quidditch?

Taking a break from the marking, I found this article on the BBC website. Playing quidditch sounds like a lot of fun and I just wish I were 30 years younger. :)

This particular quote made me chuckle:

One blogger has described Quidditch as a sport that threatens, "to cause a rip in the very fabric of the nerd-jock continuum."

In other news, my new phone has arrived. I have opened it and looked at all the bits and pieces, but I will leave it until tomorrow to charge it up and investigate its features.
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