January 15th, 2011

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Converging Rail track cliche

Rail track
Originally uploaded by Helen in Wales

After successfully completing the 365 project last year, I wanted something that would help me deepen my photographic skills and gently challenge me to take shots outside my normal comfort zone.

To some extent the 365 project did that, but a lot of shots were just taken for the sake of photographing something, so I thought this year I'd try some more specific challenges. I can't remember how I stumbled on the Cliche Saturday group, but there are some very talented photographers there who don't take themselves too seriously.

So this is the first of my cliche shots done specifically for the Cliche Saturday scavenger hunt. Photo was taken last Sunday on the miniature ralway track at Fairbourne.
View from study (sunny)

Entirely surrounded by water

If my memory serves me correctly, that was the title of the chapter in Winnie The Pooh where Piglet gets trapped up a tree by a flood. For some reason, for a while this was my favourite story as a small child. I have no idea why.

Anyway, as a subject for an LJ post, it's not entirely accurate. All the water is at the back of the house where it is currently flooding the playing fields and the scrubby woodland we (privately) refer to as The Swamp. And the bottom or our garden is underwater again. (This is not a problem. It just does that every so often, so people living along here know not to put anything that matters at the bottom of the garden.)

Because G is involved in discussions about a proposed flood prevention scheme for the town, we went out into the pouring rain this morning to take pictures.

Dolgellau car park

Believe it or not, this photo was taken at 11 am. See how gloomy it is?

I am standing in a giant puddle in the corner of the car park by the river. The puddle is caused by water actually leaking through the wall.

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