April 9th, 2011

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Business as usual, mostly

I've now worked out a strategy for dealing with the current LJ problems. I have a duplicate Dreamwidth account which will be mostly dormant, but if I want to post to LJ at a time when it is not working, I will either park a new post on DW until such time as I can manually copy it across to LJ or I will use Semagic and queue the message for later posting.

Once I worked out this way of managing things, my annoyance[1] at being cut off faded considerably. It doesn't help all that much with the reading, of course, but it's quicker to catch up with reading than with posting.

In the interests of balance, I also wanted to say that this post on DW[2] about the DDoS attack, and in particular this response to one of the comments, has left me feeling far more kindly disposed towards Dreamwidth than previously. I must try to remember in future not to blame Dreamwidth (or any company) for the irritating things some of their over-ardent followers do and say.

[1] I know one shouldn't get annoyed about trivial things when people elsewhere are suffering far more than inconvenience over the DDoS, not to mention the much much worse things happening elsewhere. But I am only human and humans are subject to irrational irritation at times, especially when they're feeling stressed over other stuff.

[2] Which is being linked to quite widely, but I saw it first on coth's LJ.
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