April 15th, 2011


You know you're a writer when...

You read the opening of this article on the BBC web site and instead of rattling off a Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells letter about the sloppy sentence construction used by journalists these days, you think, "Hmmm.... There could be a story in that..."

The sentences in question were:

Just ride the subway to hear people's stories of New York rats. "They're everywhere," says one traveller.

"You'll see six of them just waiting for the train," says another

I wonder where those rats are going and why? :)
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Tomato timer

Time's up!

Time's up! by Helen in Wales
Time's up!, a photo by Helen in Wales on Flickr.

15/52 for the 52 in Twenty Eleven group.

This week's theme: Time / If only I had time...

If you saw my last self-portrait in which I appeared to be engrossed in a book, you will understand why my collection of kitchen timers is Absolutely Vital.

Before I discovered timers, I could even get distracted, wander off and burn frozen peas! This is my jolly tomato shaped timer, but I also have a digital timer (which beeps loudly) and if I'm doing something where I want to be reminded gently, I use the timer app on my iPod, which I have set to a soft harp arpeggio.

Oh, and see how I have cleverly made my messy kitchen instantly presentable by just blurring the heck out of it? :)