April 19th, 2011

View from study (sunny)

Some are definitely more practical than others

Via a link on one of the OU forums, here are 20 unusual bookshelves.

Most of them seem to be for people for regard books as an interior design feature rather than beloved companions of their leisure time or useful study aids, but I do rather like#15 with reading pod and #19 the tree shelf. I'm sure kids would love either of those -- well, I wouldn't mind the shelves with comfy hidey hole for reading in, if I had the right location for it. :)

I am also rather taken with #3 the tree branch shelf, though probably not for books. I can just imagine a row of soft toys sitting along it...

And now to spend the day devising a questionnaire and critiquing pieces of writing from my students.
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Bedtime reading

Amazon.co.uk are having a sale

I've just picked up about half a dozen books in the Kindle sale for between £1.00 and £1.50 each.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of ebook pricing, I will definitely take a chance on a new author (by which I mean new to me) if I can try the first book cheaply. I noticed that they seem to be selling first volumes of trilogies/series in the sale and then linking to the rest of the series at normal price. It seems to be a good strategy.

In other news, I have made progress today, but I am now feeling very tired. I'm sure I used to be able to get more than this done in a day. Getting old sucks. :(
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