May 14th, 2011

Bedtime reading

Feng Shui Assassin by Adrian Hall

Feng Shui AssassinFeng Shui Assassin by Adrian Hall

I'm reading this mostly out of curiosity as part of an investigation into what is currently available in terms of self-published novels in ebook format. I do like the premise. If positive flows of chi can enhance a person's life, then negative chi must be actively harmful and the book opens with a murder committed by what might call reverse feng shui. The killer (who is able to see the chi flowing through the room) simply has to shift a picture onto a slant, move a waste bin and disarrange a desk, thus allowing access to all the negative forces that will drive a man to jump to his death. Angela, the investigating detective, has been sidelined into boring and trivial jobs, but perhaps this will be a big case if she can show that Donald Grace was murdered rather than just committed suicide because of financial problems.

I'll come back to this when I've finished and try and do a full review.

Disclaimer: Despite sharing a surname, the author is no relation!!! :)

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Bedtime reading

The state of my To Read pile

You know, I think Goodreads is going to save me a lot of money and shelf and floor space.

The reason my To Read pile got so out of hand was that whenever anyone mentioned a really good book that they had enjoyed, I would rush to Amazon to order a copy so I didn't forget about it.

This would have been fine if I'd been reading as fast as I was buying, but I wasn't and somehow, after sitting for perhaps more than a year, the books often lost their shiny appeal. It's not that they were bad or my friends were making bad recommendations, it's just that there was now a New Shiny that everyone was talking about.

After many years of this, should I have ever been so foolish as to try to stack them all up, my To Read pile would have been taller than me! :(

I have been making determined efforts to reduce the pile, but I also wanted to keep up with new things too and this was when I started to notice Goodreads. I'd joined LibraryThing some years ago, but for some reason I just didn't get on with it. The focus at that time seemed to be on sharing a catalogue of your books, which I wasn't interested in doing, so though I transferred my database of books read and had every intention of cataloguing the rest of my books, I just never got around to it. I don't quite know what it is, but there's something about the Goodreads vibe that suits me better.

Anyway, now I have an online To Read list it means that whenever someone mentions a really good book, I can rush immediately to Goodreads and put it on my To Read list there. I can then buy sparingly, as and when I need something new, based on what I've made a note of. I like being able to read the reviews too as it can help me decide whether something is really what I would enjoy rather than buying it just because everyone's talking about it at the moment.
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