November 17th, 2011

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As I'm studying children's literature this year, I think I'll add occasional updates because it will help keep me motivated and might be of interest to some of you...

I was very happy with my mark for the first essay. Not a distinction, but not all that far below, so I'm operating comfortably at the 2.1 level, which is absolutely fine. For the first essay, I chose the option on the history of fairy stories and how it relates to the history of childhood. For the second essay (due beginning of December), I am going to do the one about discussing the competing models of boyhood depicted in Little Women and Treasure Island.

I still haven't finished Little Women. I read the book in the summer and thought that was it. What I didn't realise is that though Good Wives was published as a separate book in the UK, and that's how I read them as a child, the OU are counting LW and GW together as one book. I therefore had to catch up with Part 2. I didn't like it much when I was young and I like it even less now. Good Wives just seems to go on and on and on. This is one disadvantage of reading an ebook, you don't get any sense of how much book is left. When I look at the percentage bar, it seems to have been stuck on 75% for days. That can't be right, can it?!! Is the ghost of Louisa May Alcott adding more and more Marrying Everyone Off scenes onto the end??

Anyway, I have a long train journey tomorrow, so surely I can get it finished then? So that's my current goal, finish GW by Saturday and start reading the essays about the books and 19th century ideas of gender on Sunday.

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The answers to the mp3 player meme

I was surprised at how many of the titles you all guessed. Well done everyone!

birdsedge is the winner, having identified the most titles, with caper_est and readthisandweep in joint second place. All the rest who identified one or two are worthy runners-up.

The ones that no one got were...

8) I declare I don't care no more, I'm burning up and out and growing bored (Greenday 'Burnout')

9) Do you remember? Do you remember? Do you remember how you were gonna stay free. (Travis 'The Distance')

10) It starts in the morning when you're lying next to me. I'm rolling, I'm rolling, I'm rolling so quickly. (Travis 'Happy')

12) Along the coast road by the headland, the early lights of winter glow. I'll pour a cup to you my darling. (Jethro Tull 'Cheerio')

13) Gweld y golau'n dawnsio trwy yr coed, teimlo'n hwyrach na deimlas i erioed. (Nathan Williams 'Hebdda Ti' ('Without You'))

18) While riding on a train goin' west, I fell asleep to take my rest. (Bob Dylan 'Bob Dylan's Dream)

19) Well you can bump and grind it is good for your mind, well you can twist and shout, let it all hang out. (T. Rex 'Children of the Revolution')

As I said when I first posted the meme, I'm not convinced about the randomness because there were three Bob Dylan tracks. Anyway, just for completeness, here is the link to the original list, now updated with all the correct answers crossed out.
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