December 25th, 2011

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This is too too silly -- but great fun :)

Thanks to [personal profile] rymrytr for posting this happy little Christmas song.

We have had our usual quiet Christmas here. I spoke to members of my family on the phone this morning and then we ate a big lunch of roast chicken (G hates turkey), stuffing, roast potatoes, assorted veggies and Christmas pud. Since then I have not done much, just caught up with all the LJ I didn't have time to read properly while I was away and I've also done some knitting while watching the Sherlock Holmes on TV. This was the Moffat modern version, which I recorded and thought I would re-watch because there is a new season coming soon. :)

Tomorrow (Boxing Day) I will be driving up to see my Dad on the North Wales coast. My brother will also be visiting, so we will have a family catchup session. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to make it because the cough I had in London swiftly turned into a nasty cold. It's not that I would be too ill to travel, but I didn't want to pass it on to my 90-year-old dad. However, yesterday I was over the worst and today I've hardly coughed or blown my nose all day, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, I hope all my LJ friends out there had a good day, whether it was spent celebrating, working or just relaxing.

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