January 28th, 2012

View from study (sunny)

Husband has been safely retrieved

It's been a slightly strange couple of weeks. Last week we were rushing around making sure everything was organised for G's trip to New Orleans to give a paper at the American Meteorological Society's annual conference in New Orleans, then this week I had a quiet and restful week on my own. Today's most important task, therefore, was to retrieve G from the railway station in Wrexham. He will not carry a mobile phone, which means I have no way of knowing that everything has gone to schedule, but thankfully it did and I had only been waiting on the platform for a couple of minutes when the train from Manchester arrived. After an uneventful drive home, he is sleeping off the jet lag.

He has brought me yet another bag...

It seems to be a rigid law of the universe that attendees at academic conferences must be given a bag. Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection. I use one to keep my Welsh books together to take to my Welsh class and I had another that I always used for the BA Education course. That is now redundant because I have finished the course, but another (acquired at a conference in Amsterdam) is used occasionally when I go into town on the bike and yet another is currently holding the stuff for the AS-Level Maths course.

Thankfully the recent trend seems to be to provide bags that can be used as re-usable shopping bags, so the new one will be added to the two that he brought back from the American Geophysical Union's conference in San Francisco in December 2010 and will be in regular use conveying food from the Co-op supermarket to our home.

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