February 17th, 2012

Bedtime reading

Deadlines and procrastination

I am working on my tendencies to procrastinate and have been for years. I count it as a small triumph that I got this OU assignment in 10 minutes before the last one. By which I mean the deadline is always midday on the cut-off date with a 'Period of Grace' until midnight. Last time I submitted at 5:40 pm, this time it was 5.30 pm! So I am getting better. Honest... :)

Yesterday morning I had an outline in the form of a mindmap, 4 scenes selected for discussion from the set books (Swallows and Amazons and Northern Lights) and a number of appropriate quotes underlined in the critical essays, all ready to use to either back up my points or, in some cases, to argue against. I wrote the whole 2000 word essay in one day.

Now why couldn't I have done that 3 or 4 days ago? Why do I always leave it until the very last day?

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