March 6th, 2012

Tomato timer

It's just a pity it wasn't a more glamorous topic :)

Completely out of the blue on Sunday evening, I had a phone call from a woman at BBC Wales news wanting to know if they could use one of my photos to illustrate an article she was writing. She'd discovered that BBC Wales didn't have any photos in their archives of the place in question, but she'd found one of mine that she liked that fitted the topic. I managed to guide her through searching for more of mine taken in the same place. Of course she said they couldn't pay, but I'm one of those amateurs that annoy pros by allowing our photos to be used without charge. :) Well, that's not entirely true. It depends on who's asking and it depends on whether it will cause me any extra work, but I didn't feel that the North West Wales corner of the BBC website needed to pay me for something that I'd put on Flickr twelve months ago. In the case of the people in Australia who wanted a high resolution copy of the photo in the icon for a cookery book, I asked for (and received) payment, but as this was just a web site, the Flickr version is fine.

Anyway, I looked for the article yesterday and there was no sign of it, but today it is there. It's just a pity that it isn't about something more exciting, though it is an issue that gets people very worked up, namely dog mess on the town's playing fields.

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