April 6th, 2012

Never give up

First day of Eastercon

I travelled down yesterday and the journey went very smoothly, including the first part which I did by bus instead of by car. Normally I drive to Machynlleth and leave the car at the station, but because G will be joining me on Saturday and he will drive to Machynlleth, it seemed stupid to end up with both vehicles there, so I ventured to go on the bus. Thankfully it was fine and it connected very nicely with the train. There was no problem with snow, though there was more snow about on the hills than when we went down to London at Christmas time

So, this morning, after a good breakfast in the LSE hall and knowing that things wouldn't get started too early, I did a little work before setting off to travel to the con hotel. All I had to do was walk to Russell Square and get the Piccadilly line tube all the way to Heathrow, then hop on the free bus from the airport to the hotel. Simple!

Actually, it was, but I was really glad that I have an Oyster card. You can top them up online, but to be honest, I've only had about a 50% success rate. I don't know why it doesn't always work and you always get your money back a few weeks later, but if the top up hasn't successfully gone on to the card, you need to go to the ticket window to get them to put money on for you. Which is fine, except not when you get to Russell Square tube station and find the queue for tickets stretching out onto the pavement. Collapse )