May 16th, 2012

View from study (sunny)

I have not forgotten you all

Just wanted to say that I am still reading, but it's taking me all my efforts not to stress out at the moment and I haven't the energy to do much commenting.

I know that on the scale of life stress, taking an AS-Level Maths exam -- which is only for fun and the sake of a personal challenge -- and completing the final assignment for the OU Children's Literature essay (ditto) is way down near the bottom of the scale compared to what some of you are facing, but it's running alongside low-level background worry about my Dad (nothing specific, just he's nearly 91...) and a pesky sinus infection that keeps easing, then coming back. The blocked up nose means I'm not sleeping as well as I might, not to mention the dawn chorus which is more like a full scale avian opera right outside our window every morning also wakes me up well before the alarm at 7 am. Finally, G is at his most stressed at this time of year because he's trying to herd all his students through completing and submitting their projects and assignments. So far this year I have managed to avoid any flaming rows, which might be a first!

Anyway, the end is in sight. Today I just have one final assignment to mark and return by post[*], then for the rest of the day it will be maths revision, then more last minute maths revision tomorrow morning and the exam (1½ hours) in the afternoon. I know I'm not going to do very well because I just can't do the questions fast enough, but I hope I can do enough to pass. After that I want to plod through the rest of the 3000 word essay and get it submitted by Monday at the latest. I love studying, but the assessments are a pain and I just feel I want my life back so I can start working on what I'm going to do next. Cleaning the house and getting it straight after months of neglect is my first priority, but that won't keep me going forever. :)

At least it's sunny today, which always makes me feel a bit better.

[*]Normally everything is done electronically, but I was allocated a prisoner for this final presentation, which did not please me because it meant that I had to learn how to mark and return assignments via the paper and snail mail route, which is something I have never done in 12 years of tutoring. I wouldn't have minded, but as I haven't managed to get another OU tutoring post, this is the last batch of assignments ever, so I have just had to learn something I will never need to know again. On the other hand, he's done well, considering that as he has no access to the Internet or even a computer and thus has had less support than the rest of my students.

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