May 24th, 2012

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Tangfastics Kaleidoscoped

21/52 for the group T189ers weekly alphabet challenge.

This week's theme was: K for kaleidoscope

I'll post the original separately, but it was edited using's kaleidoscope filter.

I did two and it was hard to choose between them, but I think this reminds me more of the kaleidoscopes I played with as a child.

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Tangfastics by Helen in Wales
Tangfastics, a photo by Helen in Wales on Flickr.

I have just finished the final essay (3000 words!) for the OU children's literature course.

I'm old enough to remember dolly mixtures, ju-jus and pear drops, so I'd never tried these Haribo sweets before because I think they even post-date the offspring's childhood. But the other students were eating them and so I tried a packet.

As a result, my essay was fuelled by Tangfastics and as I still had some left at the end, I thought they might make a good subject for this week's alphabet theme of "Kaleidoscope". This was the original picture, turned into a kaleidoscope at