May 27th, 2012


What does a character really want?

Now the OU children's literature course is over and my job has come to an end,[*] I can actually think about writing fiction again. In my Not the New Year Resolutions post, I mentioned setting myself a number of challenges. (Divided into physical, intellectual and creative challenges.)

Two of the creative challenges were finishing the first drafts of a couple of novels that are about three-quarters written. Getting stuck projects moving again is not the easiest thing to do, but wldhrsjen3's post about knowing what a character really wants has got a few ideas moving.

With the novel that started as a NaNo project a couple of years ago, I know what the POV character wanted, but that ambition was destroyed before the story actually starts, so to provide a satisfactory ending, I need to know what underlying need that ambition represented. I think that when I have that clear and when I have decided what an acceptable substitute for her original ambition is, then I'll be able to make progress again.

[*]I have some ideas for self-employment, but won't be doing anything serious in that direction until the end of the summer.

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