May 29th, 2012


Dog walking this morning

I must work out how many miles I've been walking recently and do an Eowyn challenge update, but I just wanted to share my progress with walking Brith. He is in many ways very nervous, though he is also well trained. J (the professional trainer) can do amazing things with him in the security of his own home and garden. As well as all the usual sit, down, roll over, stay etc, she can hide toys around the house and ask him to fetch a particular toy, for example, "Fetch rabbit!" or "Fetch ball!"

With me out on a walk, however, things are very different...

At the point where we turned for home, I decided to try to get him to focus on me and do a simple sit.

Me: Brith, sit!

Brith: *pays no attention and keeps on staring around*

Me: Brith, sit!

Brith: *stare around some more*

Me: *rustles treat bag to remind him of its existence*

Brith: *suddenly focuses*

Me: Brith, sit!

Brith: *sits instantly, gazing intently into my eyes*

Me: Good boy! *gives treat*

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