June 8th, 2012

sheep meme

Work in progress meme

Quite a few people are doing a "post a snippet of your work in progress" meme. As I'm hoping to finish the first draft of this novel this year, I suppose that even though it hasn't been IP for over 12 months, it does counts as a WIP,

Post your work in progress, page 77 or page 7, lines 7-14, no cheating.

As there are only 53 single-spaced pages (as I said, it's first draft!), this is from page 7 of the thing which has the working title Zanna and the God King.

There was just the problem of getting back home again.

Zanna poured some of the water, which was still only tepid, into the kitchen sink and washed the blood from her hands. She had blood on her clothes too, but by lapping the dressing gown the other way, most of it was covered. She took the velvet ribbon from her hair, dragged her fingers through her long dark locks and retied the bow.

Thankfully there was no mirror, so she was spared the ordeal of looking at herself. She suspected that she looked like a scarecrow, but a plan of action was forming and with luck, in less than a hour, she would be back in the safety and relative comfort of her own space.

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